About Us

Peaches Marketing focuses on maximizing a company’s marketing efforts with proven systems and also using creative and innovative thinking outside the box ideas.

Here at Peaches Marketing we are firm believers in ongoing education and always seeking out opportunities to develop ourselves with new skill sets so we can adapt to the speed of new technology and the constantly changing online environment.

Behind the Peaches Marketing door you will find a highly talented creative team of experts that are very passionate about their work. You see here at Peaches Marketing we are all living our dreams because we are all doing what we love to do.

Our unique diverse team ranges from Word Class graphic artist that use their experience and creative minds designing websites, logos, facebook pages and everything in between that has the word graphic somewhere in it.

Then we have our genius programmers that custom build websites, Wordpress themes, and many other custom software for small businesses. These guys are THE HEAD GEEKS OF ALL GEEKS. We have top notch video producers and editors that create viral videos and online commercials.

We have our online visibility team that is absolutely addicted to SEO. They eat breath and sleep SEO 24 hours a day. Literally our SEO department runs around the clock, while you sleep, they are busy ranking websites higher in the search engines, ranking videos to show in up in the search results and anything else we tell them to rank.

As you can see we are very passionate about what we do; we love it and thrive on producing the highest results for our clients.